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In seeking to bring superior investment and allocation models to the marketplace, models which had previously been used at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and later licensed by Dow Jones Indexes, Ralph Vince launched his firm Vince Strategies.

In November 2016, the Blue Chip Prime Fund was launched, regarded as the “Flagship” fund of Vince Strategies. Since that time, the investment offerings of Vince Strategies have increased to accommodate other investment needs in the marketplace that the proprietary models of Vince Strategies are uniquely positioned to satisfy. These include the Vince Select Fund (April 2017) as well as the Vince Black Tie Fund (January 2020).

Investment Philosophy

We believe in achieving outstanding investment performance through unique mathematical insights that result in superior trading models, and by applying both a work ethic in research and market insight based on real-world experience.


Ralph Vince

RALPH VINCE, CEO and Risk Manager

Ralph Vince is founder of Vince Strategies and serves as CEO. Mr Vince implements the business strategy of the firm and also serves as Risk Manager, overseeing day-to-day trading operations and ensuring that strategy implementations are adhered to. Mr. Vince previously worked with LSP Indexes whereby the main Leverage Space Portfolio ("LSP") strategy was licensed by Dow Jones Indexes. Prior to this, he was a Portfolio Manager at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority after having worked as a programmer and trader for large commodity trading advisors. Mr Vince’s portfolio allocation insights resulted in his writing several books published by John Wiley & Sons. He is also author to several academic papers on portfolio allocation and game theory.

Mr. Vince first worked in the operations side of the business at Paine Webber Jackson & Curtis in the early 1980s.


Richard Wilkie is responsible for the trading operations of the firm. Previously, he served as Senior Investment Manager at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). Within six years of his tenure, Mr. Wilkie reviewed and conducted due diligence on hundreds of hedge fund strategies around the world and was instrumental in more than doubling the country's Alternative Investment Department Portfolio. Prior to ADIA, Mr. Wilkie worked with LSP Indexes and was pivotal in licensing the LSP strategy to Dow Jones Indexes. Before joining LSP Indexes, he was a Portfolio Manager at Heinold Asset Management in the Chicago headquarters of Geldermann Securities.

Mr. Wilkie began his career in the financial industry in Canada in the early 1980's at the Toronto Stock Exchange.