Photograph courtesy of Leonardo Messaggi

Vince Blue Chip Prime Fund LP

Dramatic outperformance of long/short benchmarks with a worst-case tail risk strategy. The Fund seeks to outpace the benchmark by a wide margin, and by only using a portion of the equity. It further seeks to offset bear markets in a similar manner when the proprietary econometric models dictate.

Vince Select Fund LP

An equities tail-risk strategy with positive performance and a deeply negative correlation to stocks. The fund trades the "LSP Strategy," of Wilkie and Vince, on inverse volatility, a strategy first licensed by Dow Jones Indexes. This time-tested Fund is once again open to investment from select investors.

Vince Black Tie Fund LP

By invitation only for investors with an appetite for risk, this highly aggressive fund seeks outside gains using long options on volatility, stock indexes and bonds.